Calum, Tewkesbury
"Last year a few bad things happened to me at once which I found hard to cope with and made me really stressed. Emily helped ease my stress and made me feel more relaxed. I now feel I can deal with difficulties in my life with a calm, level head. Really glad I went to see her, she helped me when I felt lost."
Sapphire, Cheltenham
"I went to Emily to help me with my fear of public speaking, as this was an important part of my new job. She really helped me conquer my fear and now I can speak in front of a room full of people with confidence.
I would recommend Emily to anyone!"
Francesca, Cheltenham
"A friend recommended Emily to me as I wanted to quit smoking. I'd tried everything, patches, e-cigarette, going cold turkey, but I just couldn't stop the cravings. After one session with Emily I had no cravings whatsoever and simply just didn't want to smoke anymore. I couldn't believe it! I now feel so much healthier and so pleased that I finally managed to ditch the cigarettes for good!"
Catherine, Bishop's Cleeve
"I tried hypnotherapy recently, because there was nothing left to lose. I have had anxiety for so long, and it has had a hugely negative affect on my life - I was scared to speak to people, I would spend the whole day working myself up to leave the house just to go to a shop.

It helps that Emily is so warm and friendly, she put me at ease straight away! I'm feeling more confident, spending less time worrying about what people think of me and actually enjoying life."