Everyone experiences pain. It is a natural bodily response that allows us to know that something is wrong. But if the pain that you are experiencing is so severe and debilitating that it prevents you from continuing your everyday life, then it is time to seek help. You most likely are reading this because this is the case for you. Hypnotherapy has a good chance at helping you to relieve this pain that has become unbearable.

Research in the UK and the US has indicated that medical hypnosis can be extremely effective at dealing with chronic or acute pain. Studies into pain relief have focused on a wide range of pains, including cancer, burns, arthritis and more. The results of these studies have shown that individuals experienced a moderate to large level of pain relieving benefits through hypnosis.

The process of hypnosis allows you to lower your anxiety through relaxation and moving your focus away from the pain which will let your nervous system register less pain, or no pain at all. You can also learn strategies and techniques to use outside of hypnosis to alleviate pain when you experience it.

Please note: You must consult your GP for any pain related issues prior to making an appointment with me. The source of the pain may be something that requires medical intervention.