What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you
– Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We all have the potential for greatness. Imagine if you could become the person you always wanted to be by using your inner resources to unlock your true potential.

In hypnosis we are focussed, goal directed and intuitively aware, enabling us to be able to replace our negative behavioural patterns of the past that have been destructive to us with re-focused, directional and positive behaviours.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to change the lives of many, helping people to achieve goals and alter negative beliefs, treat serious emotional problems and alleviate a wide range of medical conditions. Each session is specifically tailored to you, the individual, to help address your specific needs and maximise positive results, supporting you in making those changes today!

About Me

Emily Foster-King, PG Cert (Clin.Hyp.), BSCH (Assoc.)
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cheltenham.

I have always had a fascination with how the mind works and having experienced hypnotherapy before in my teenage years and seeing the amazing results I developed a passion for helping people with the use of therapy.

Experiences during my time studying Child and Adolescent Mental Health at University sparked my interest in the use of therapeutic interventions and how powerful they can be for mental health related issues. This became something I felt very passionately about and decided to then train as a clinical hypnotherapist.

I qualified from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH), part of the University of West London, with a Post-graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis. I am a member of the professional regulatory body, British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). I now practice clinical hypnotherapy at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham.